The man from the IMF was quite shrewd, 
According to Vogue quite a dude,
 In his luxury suite of which he could afford,
 He and the housemaid struck quite a cord.
 She maid/made a point of telling the boss,
 That, that rich man had not paid for her loss,
 She kept on her person the evidence for certain,
 And his long career brought down by the infamous curtain.

 Now the shackles of justice were turning him lose,
 Hiding in the wings she looked like a moose,
 While spiking her man she got quite a tan,
 In France, was she part of the plan? 
 She was quick with her plot,
 She beat the fat guy to the spot,

 While the former chief was struck by grief,
 His DNA taken by a thief.
 Now the wife she was cool and by no means a fool,
 Stick by your man is all part of the plan,
 Pretty and all she stood quite tall,
 Supported poor hubby who was taking the fall. 

 Back in France was another by chance,
 Who paraded herself as part of the dance, 
Is this, one would think, the end of the line,
 For a powerful man who got caught, for more than a dime.

Back in Greece there was no peace, and in default for sure,
The bailout money wasn´t going to the poor.
As Merkel was focused on giving Greece the handle,
 Her President alas, was caught in a scandal.

Politics for sure is not for the poor,
As politicians parade in black designer suits,
Your tax money for sure is already en-route.
The hotels at the top have reserved the best spot,
Your tax money has been earmarked for that particular slot.

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