Saturday, 1 September 2012


South Africa ended the Apartheid War in 1994
As  Nelson Madela and FW De Klerk evened their score.
As a Noble Laureate , Mandela received an ovation
For his pain and suffering while creating his Rainbow Nation. 
As ANC splintered members objected to the fact, that De Klerk should share the prize
For their objection, was of De Klerk´s part in the brutal oppression and the cover-up of all the lies.
While in Stockholm, De Klerk´s ex wife at home was slain
Today we still don´t know why she deserved the pain.

As the forgotten hero Tutu lead the country to truth and reconciliation,
Were his effort's just to protect certain criminals within the newly formed Rainbow Nation.
While Winnie got fatter and ended up with nothing for playing her part
We still don´t know how Graca Machel ended up in Nelson Mandela´s heart.
As Mandela´s promises to the people remained intact,
After his term, the fading colours of the rainbow became an inevitable fact.

Thabo Mbeki then took up the challenge to continue the dream,
While inwardly searching his missing son and for old enemies to come clean.
His critics included the rich and the poor and expected the new leader to do more,
After Mandela the great;  it was difficult for Mbeki to equal the score.
Restless ANC hangers-on were now setting the scene, as their grumblings forced Tabo to get on with it and  set the record straight.
For certain members of the ANC wanted get rich quick schemes; for them and their mate.
Malema was quick to get Zuma on  stage,
These days the two scorpions aren´t even on the same page.

As the rainbow colours fade from the changes Mandela made,
The poor in the townships still have to shit in a spade.
In Cape Town they protest over shitting in the bucket,
Theirs voices shout louder, we don´t want this system, so f*** it.
As the bribes are causing vibes and the workers go on strike
The BEE system of rich ANC members might be forced to take a hike.
As Zuma should be charged with corruption and meanness,
Will his legacy degrade to the artists impression of his ageing penis.