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The London Olympics were sublime,
Sports on TV and on line,
The medals made the athletes shine,
In the pool and on the track,
While volunteers took up the slack.

The closing ceremony with Prince Harry,
With no girls in line for him to marry.
While Kate performed her royal duty,
Victoria Beckham on top of London Taxi
was looking rather snooty.

London calling...calling...calling,
Become the battle ground for athletes falling.
The coverage on Eurosport was fab,
As we watched the medals ceremony 
upon the three tier slab.

The Bolt was fast as his die was cast,
But his possession of the yellow baton did´nt last.
A tear did flow so many times,
While raising the flag to their anthem chimes.

The Olympics had become an intimate affair,
Viewers sharing emotions with athelete´s who won
as well as the athelete´s who tried and got none.
More money for sport please, so y´all take care.

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